Frustrated by the lack and unreliability of high-speed broadband Internet service that continues in so many areas of Lake County, business and community leaders approached Andy Nester, who for decades had owned and operated Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) companies around the U.S.A, to start another WISP here focused on supporting the needs of Lake County residents and businesses.

He enlisted the assistance of Terre Logsdon, who worked for years to address this lack of Internet access in Lake County.

With the support and direction of the Lake County Broadband Alliance, a group of business, education, healthcare, safety, and community organization leaders, Lake County Broadband Solutions, LLC (LCBS) was launched in 2017.

Lake County Broadband Solutions knows first-hand how important it is for rural communities and low-income neighborhoods to have access to high-speed broadband Internet service. Because the staff and directors of Lake County Broadband Solutions live and work in Lake County, they have expert on-the-ground knowledge of the geographic and economic challenges of our rural and isolated area.

While only 90 air miles from San Francisco or Sacramento, there are only four steep and winding two-lane highways that cross mountainous terrain leading in and out of Lake County – and we know these roads. We also know the dirt roads – many of which are residential and within city limits – and the hills and mountains that need to be crossed to reach population centers. We will get you connected.

We know that some of our homes are off-grid and rely on generators or solar for electricity. We will get you connected. We also know that our neighbors want to help other neighbors – and will support a locally-owned and operated company by subscribing, hosting relays, and generating new customers.

First responders, hospitals, health clinics, community centers, and businesses – both home offices and those located in business districts – need fast, local, and reliable Internet service. Lake County Broadband Solutions will provide it.

We will connect your corner of Lake County – wherever that is – to the world, so Get Connected Now!